1. The photo was cropped. In the original there are food and water dishes next to the cat. My neighbour and I made sure she had food, water and my boyfriend bought a disposable litter box. These were all in the hallway. On Sunday March 23 it seemed she had left.

    I was away all day on the Sunday and took her during the night after finding her in the basement laundry room of our apartment building.My son was worried for her safety. She does not belong to anyone in our building.

    This cat appears to be female (there is a lot of fur covering the genital area), between six months and one year of age. Medium-hair except on the top of her head. Has a bit of white on her paws, chest and face. Has tufts of hair on paws. Green eyes. In good health. Eats well and uses a litter box. Affectionate and playful. Quiet, rarely meows.

    Appears to be in heat (yet is not noisy) and needs to be spayed.

    I worry that she’s been abandoned. We cannot keep her because we have a budgie and my son is allergic to cats. If no one comes forward to claim her I will arrange to find a permanent home for her.

    Contact: sohanley [at] hotmail [dot] com

  2. Her picture will be posted on the SPCA website but they need some contact information – email, tel # .

    1. The cat’s picture has been posted on the SPCA website

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