1. Please put up posters up around where you found him. PLEASE make sure the right owners contact you. Ask them to bring a photo of the dog with them to prove that it is their dog. Lots of lost dogs are taken by non ethical people and then sold to dog rings and so forth. Thanks so much for caring about this dog.

    1. Author

      They have just updated me to let me know they found the owner! But it’s true you do have to be extremely careful that found pets go to their rightful owners. Thanks!

  2. Arnold a retrouvé sa famille grâce au salon de toilettage Jack-A-Billy. Merci à tous!

  3. Les affiches c’est le plan B, nous avons essayé PetLuck, Craigslist, Kijiji, FB, Twitter (la nouvelle a beaucoup circulé sur Twitter). Demain ou après-demain je ferai des affiches si je ne retrouve pas le propriétaire. Sinon, le chien n’est pas trop dérangeant à garder. Il n’aboie pas, ne monte pas sur les canapés, s’entend bien avec les chats, un bon chien.

  4. De grâce allez pas le porter au Berger Blanc, essayez plutôt de trouver ses propriétaires, ils sont probablement à sa recherche. Mettez des affiches aussi que vous avez trouvé ce chien.

  5. We already went to the vet. No micro-chip.

  6. Perhaps you can run him over to the vet clinic to be scanned for a micro-chip. Whatever you do, do not take this dog to the Berger Blanc. The owners will likely never see him again and he may very likely be euthanized. I hope you are able to give the owners some time to find him.

  7. I’m keeping the dog at my place instead of sending him to the Berger Blanc. The original finder had to go to work and couldn’t leave him alone. He’s doing fine, he’s got food and everything he needs, although he seems a bit sad. We went to the vet to check if he had a PIT tag, the vet didn’t find any, but the dog is in good shape. He’s about 6 or 7 years old. My house is in the jurisdiction of the SPCA and the lady there suggested that I should keep it until we’ve got news from the owner (it’s best for the dog). We posted ads on Kijiji and Craigslist, the pictures also circulated a lot on Twitter and Facebook. If the owner uses Internet and tries to find his dog, he will find it. Else, we’ll try posting ads on lamp posts.

  8. Really bad idea sending any animal to Berger Blanc – I sure hope he is claimed very soon….

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