1. Charlie is back!! The method worked!

    Thank you all so much for your help and support!

    1. That is FANTASTIC news! Where was he hiding? Is he ok?

      1. Cristina, we found him by my garage where I’d put his crate, food, and litter box. He looks fine, although he’s lost a little weight. He’s very sleepy. We’ll be taking him to the vet tomorrow to make sure he didn’t catch anything while he was out.

        Thanks again for all your help. I think your instructions really made a difference.

        1. This site is EXCELLENT and a has a great source of tips to use. Sarah the creator of petluck.ca does a great job… As a follower of her page I have used the tips and techniques and always encourage others to use them too. A big hug to Charlie.

    2. Author

      Awesome, wonderful news! Welcome home Charlie! 🙂

      Hope he checks out okay at the vet!

  2. Hi, this is Alex. An important detail to add: Charlie has NO FRONT CLAWS.

    Please, if you see any cat that looks anything like him in your neighbourhood, do not hesitate to check his collar.

    1. Author

      I’m so sorry he’s not found yet. I was going to follow up. I’ve added the detail about his claws. Please check my tips and links page, there’s some tips that could be helpful,especially a technique called the simple method that works especially well. If Charlie is an indoor cat there’s a good chance he’s in hiding. I hope he turns up soon.

      1. I also think he may not be too far…. I used the “simple method” from this site to find my parents cat. I had a Tupperware with dry food in it and went from backyard to backyard shaking the container and calling out her name.

      2. I’ve been using the simple method every night. Hope it works and he shows up soon! I’m just worried about him finding a warm place to sleep in this cold.

        1. Alex, have you checked under balconies, under covered patio furniture…. my friend once found a kitten hiding in her BBQ.
          Any tiny small opening is where you need to check. Do not be shy to knock on people’s doors and ask to go into their backyard.
          Have you sprinkled his litter around on your home leading up to your door?

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