1. Hello everyone,

    Milou is still missing since April 2014. He is new in our area and ran away on Sunday of Easter of 2014. He was chased away by a stray cat in our area the night he ran away because we’ve heard come cat fights near by and nothing since then. Unfortunately, his appointment at the vet for vaccines and microchip was scheduled a few days after he ran away. Put many posts in our neighbourhood and went several times to the SPCA. I continuously check the SPCA website in case someone bring him there. Thank you for many of you who sent us messages and for your calls.

    We’re still looking for him…

    1. Author

      Hi Lan and Bruno, there’s a comment from facebook just above here, on your posting.

  2. Hi there, has Milou been found?
    We recently noticed an orange cat roaming around in our back yard. he’s all orange, with fairly thick and dark banding on the tail. He appears to be male and not neutered – but I couldn’t tell for sure. He doesn’t seem to have a collar on. When I try to approach him, he immediately runs away.
    He’s been spotted almost daily since the beginning of June. We live in Beaconsfield near St-charles, south of the 20.

  3. My cat was also lost in a unfamiliar neighborhood. We used the simple method, which is the method that you can find on this website under tips and links. We called his name for four nights and on the fifth day he found his way back to our voice. You must try this method as soon as possible. Your cat is probably hiding close by because he is scared. Once he recognizes your voice he may continue to stay in hiding, but once he gets used to hearing it he Will try to follow your voice and come back to where you are at. I also suggest you leave out a bowl of his favorite food , some of your clothing with your scent on it and some of his old litter. This will create a scent and a familiar environment for him to stay around.

    Most important is to also put up the posters in your neighborhood. Someone may see him hiding under a porch or in the shed.

    I hope he finds his way back to you.

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