1. Try the simple method found on the tips and links tab on this website. This is how my car found his way back home to me after 5 days. Many people on this site have found their cats this way too. My cat is proof that this system works. Please try it as soon as possible!!

    My cat was let out by mistake downtown Montreal at someone’s house, while my cat actually lives with us here in Brossard. Being unfamiliar with the NDG area, the simple method helped my cat find his way back to the house downtown after hiding for 5 days. He is also declawed and an indoor cat. Didn’t eat for the 5 days of being lost because he probably hid from being so scared of being outside.

    Your indoor cat is probably very very close by but afraid to come out of hiding. Have faith and once she hears your voice and gets used to it, she will come home, maybe not the 1st night, but not long after.
    In the mean time, put out some of your clothing with your scent, some of her favorite food, again for scent, and some of her old litter. You are creating a familiar scent and place for your cat.

    I urge you yo do this!

    Good luck.

    1. thank you very much for the tips! We did just that and we found her tonight!! She is now back home and safe!!

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