1. Hello this is presley crosby. That is my cat Indie!! Thank you so much for finding him! He’s been missing since 4/24/14. Please call 9014889428

    1. Hi Presley,
      As I explained in my email, this is unfortunately highly unlikely to be your cat. Your cat was lost in Tennessee on the 24th. This cat was found in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on the 26th. It is extremely unlikely that this is your cat.
      However, if you are convinced that it is, please specify which paws the cat is polydactyl on, and how many extra toes he has….

    2. Author

      HI Presley, even though your cat is lost far from the area that Petluck covers, there are some tips on my tips and links page that could still be useful. Especially a technique called the simple method that has worked for many cat owners! I hope you find Indie really soon.

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