1. We still have not found Dixie the 9 month old Black Great Dane. We are not giving up hope. Hopefully someone will report seeing her.

  2. We are still looking for Dixie. She escaped the front door when it was opened. Female 9 month old Black Great Dane. She was wearing a pink collar. She has a small white patch of fur on her paw (hard to see but it is there). Please be on the lookout, she has to be somewhere.

  3. Bonjour,

    Quand avez-vous perdu votre chien? J’ai trouvé un danois noir, mais pas dans votre région?


    1. Pas le bon numéro de téléphone, c’est une blague?????

      1. Luc apele moi a 514 626 2824

            1. Yes, they called me, It’s not Dixie 🙁

                1. Lacolle, Female wearing a blue collar

                2. They found her on April 25th

      2. Author

        Bonjour Luc, pas de tout, j’allais verifier ça tout de suite! Merci!

      3. Luc J’ai verifier, c’est the bon numero de telephone Roseanne 514 376-0271

  4. Aller voir Spotted Rawdon il ont trouver un chien

    1. c’est dur a voir mais je pense que le chien est Male?

  5. We are still looking for Dixie, a young black Friendly Great Dane

  6. additional information: She is wearing a pink collar, no tags

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