1. Richard Parker has returned home. but he don’ want to enter, when I pursue him he runs and hides. 2 nights have been doing the same, I left the window open for him but he don’t enter 🙁
    He runs like playing even he lies down and when I try to get him he runs away and I lost him again . I left food and water and he eats but don’t want come back … What can I do??? Somebody help me please …

        1. Author

          Oh no, I’m sorry to hear this, is he still staying in the area?

          1. no, two weeks ago I have not seen him around here 🙁

  2. Yes where can i give you more? My e-Mail is
    alessacat7[at] gmail[dot] com

  3. Would you have any more pictures? I’m in the West Island, and I know it’s far from Longueuil, but we had a stray show up last night (haven’t seen it today yet). I’m not sure if it’s a female or male, but what I’m noticing in the picture is the bushy tail. Please send me more pictures. If you have found Richard Parker, then that’s great news! and please disregard my request for more pictures.

  4. Utilisez la méthode facile pour retrouver son chat de Petluck, le lien est en haut de cette page dans ”Conseils et Liens”

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