1. Hi Christina!
    My cat had a collar but he keeps loosing it. We keep putting a new on on with a tag but then he comes back home without it…
    So after purchasing a few of them, we gave up…
    He’s a big cat and doesn’t let anybody close to him, even us when we see him on the streets.
    I see you work with the spca. I opened up a file for my lost kitten and somebody called me back with a ton of advices on how to get him to come back. Also how I found that site.

    1. Yes those safety snap off collars come off very easily. 🙁 he probably yanks it off himself with his paw if he does not like to have one.
      microchips are imbedded in your cat,( just behind their neck) and it does not hurt, so if anything were to happen to him, once scanned they can trace him back to you.

      1. Would you know where I can get those microchips?
        Thank you

        1. Hi Sophie,
          Most vets will do this for you. I know the veterinarian in le plateau (Clinique Vétérinaire Plateau Mont-Royal) had a microchip event in the Fall of 2013 with a reduced price of $25.
          It’s worth calling them, perhaps they will have another event like this!

  2. Hi Bella!
    That’s actually my cat! He’s not lost he just likes to wonder around the neighborhood.
    But I did loose my kitten, aroud the area you live at. He unfortunatly followed the big cat out but did not come back
    He grey with darker stripes kitten, about 5 months old. Please contact me.
    My name is Sophie 438-998-0505
    My 6 yrs old daughter miss him and my little chihuahua too! 🙂

    Thank you for the time you took to post this add, because of people like you, people like me can find our lost pets!

    1. Sophie, because your cat likes to wander in the neighbourhood, you should really consider putting a collar with ID tag on him. It would help others in your neighbourhood know that he belongs to someone. Bella took the time to post his photo here, but not everyone will do this. Your cat can end up in the yard of someone else who may take him to a shelter thinking he is lost or has been abandoned. PLEASE for the safety of your cat have him microchipped and put a collar with ID on him.
      I hope your little kitten is found safely.
      (SPCA volunteer)

  3. Hi Bella, it is very important to put up posters in your neighbourhood on lamp posts, at high traffic areas ( dépanneurs, jean coutu, etc…) in case the owner is not Internet savvy.

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