1. Hello everybody, I went to the Pierrefonds Animal Hospital I did everything, they were very nice with me and the secretary asked me for my telf number, address , my cat caracteristics etc.So with the microchip should not be difficult for them to find the owner information, so Im still looking everywere but nothing NOTHING…incredible.
    So thanks a lot for all your help, I will let you know if my cat come back! 🙁

    1. Do not lose hope…. Keep going out every night.
      Did she go out by a back window or a front window?
      Also do you have a courtyard behind your condo? Basically can she go from backyard to backyard?
      I’m asking as you may have to expand your area of search and posters.

  2. Thanks a lot for your messages, Im doing everything I can, today Im going to check the veterinarian of this area, will see what hapen Im very VERY sad.She was always supervised but she found a litle window in a very high part of the condo 🙁 during the nigth when everybody was sleeping!!

    1. Cats are nocturnal and it is while we sleep that they do most of their exploring. It is important to ” cat proof” your home so they cannot get out. I hope she is found. Poor sweetie must be scared.
      Do not lose hope…. Go out looking for her in the evenings – it is best to go later at night like 9:30 and on (bring a flashlight) as this is when the cats come out or at sunrise too. (5am)
      Take a Tupperware of dry food with you and shake it, wait a few seconds and call out her name loudly. when the city is quiet, our voice travels far. Do this repetitively.
      There was a lost declawed cat in our neighbourhood that never went out, but one day got out accidentally.
      He was found after 10 days hiding under a shed. The woman went out looking for him every night and early mornings and used this technique. It is the “simple method” and it works!

  3. Oh noooo! I’m a volunteer at the SPCA and this worries me too.
    Did she get out accidentally as a cat in a new neighbourhood should never be let out unsupervised, plus you live on a busy boulevard.
    You need to go out looking for her and use the “simple method” to find her as explained in the Links & Tips section of this website.
    Posters need to be put up right away.
    Have you contacted your local shelter in case she was picked up?
    I pray she s sAfe!

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