1. Elle est de retour à la maison….???

  2. Owner here: Charlie has been found thank you for your concern, he has safely returned home!

  3. EDIT: The poodle name is CHARLIE & he escape again from the LaFontaine Dog park (corner Sherbrooke & Papineau) around 5:00PM ish… He had a black collar & a lease now; but I forgot to put my infos in the collar in question…

    He’s really nice & probably thirsty & hungry ’cause he was outside all day today…

    EDIT: Il s’appelle CHARLIE & il s’est échappé de nouveau du parc à chiens du Parc LaFontaine (coin Sherbrooke/Papineau) vers 17hres aujourd’hui (Samedi 07 juin 2014)… Il a maintenant un collier & une laisse noire; mais j’ai oublié d’inscrires mes infos sur ledit collier…

    Il est vraiment super sympa & il a probablement super soif & faim parce qu’il a été dehors toute la journée…

  4. Belongs to Asian family on Drolet below Mt. Royal

    1. Author

      Thanks, the owner had commented, and the families coordinates are now on the post! The dog has got away again!

  5. Hello!
    That is my dog! Please email me immediately at: [del]

  6. Hello,
    That’s my dog!! Could I come get him ASAP?

    Please call me immediately at [del]

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