1. Date d’arrivée: 21/06/2014
    Type d’animal: Chien
    Race: Berger croisé
    Age: Male Adulte

  2. Berger blanc son numéro de téléphone n,es pas bon

  3. This dog was stolen where on Wellington Street, I will help look for her, I feel so bad for this beautiful creature. If I were you I would go to the newspapers for help maybe to post her photo and make people aware what is going on.
    Just a thought.

  4. How can we help find this dog? Does anyone have any clues? I would definitely take a drive to Verdun to help, she looks like such a sweet dog.
    If I can help please email me.

  5. Chien chien .com et refuge amr

  6. Definitely put up posters, often people steal dogs to claim a reward. Put up lots of posters everywhere and eventually someone will see the dog or the crook will call you. Good luck. And yes to everyone, PLEASE don’t ever leave your dog tied up anywhere.

  7. Aller voir Services animaliers de la Rive sud

  8. Hi, just called the number left here and the person said that he had no idea what I was talking about. I called to ask the dog’s name so I can call her and see if she responds to make sure she is really yours. Pls list the dogs name in case I come across her when I’m walking mine.

      1. Was the dog returned if not please reply I have information ! 🙂

        1. Author

          I haven’t got word yet, have you tried to contact the owner via his telephone number? thanks!!

  9. My friend’s daughter had her dog taken in the same way in Verdun. Turns out it was a man who lives on Willibrod near Wellington (who has a cocker spaniel) who took him. Apparently a young guy (early 20’s dresses like a B boy). My friend’s daughter put up posters and apparently the guy saw the posters and decided to call her. So put up posters near there please.

  10. Me croise les doigts pour son retour.

    Et j’abonde avec le commentaire précédent. Nous sommes à une époque où nous ne pouvons plus laisser notre chien seul sur le terrain, attaché ou non, dans une cour, attaché devant une boutique, etc. On ne doit plus laisser nos animaux sans surveillance.

  11. People, DON’T LEAVE YOUR DOG TIED UP OUTSIDE STORES!!!!! I can’t stress this enough. Larger breeds are stolen for resale, for bait in dog fights, jut for plain being evil people who do it. Smaller dogs are stolen and sold to labs. Don’t ask what happens to them.

    If you have to do errands, LEAVE YOUR DOG SAFE AT HOME!

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