1. Bonsoir

    Voir annonce sur Kijiji ( 235496543 ) Chat himalayen dans le Plateau .?? La dame donne un numéro de téléphone ………. 514-276-3451

  2. Sophie confirmed this morning the cat at the SPCA is not hers 🙁

  3. Petluck, i’m excited, did you check the SPCA stray page today? There’s a cat that looks just like milou!
    I just called Sophie and left a message.
    What do you thinkabout this potential match?

    ID: 150417 Arrived: 16 July, 2010

    1. Author

      Hi Isabelle!

      It’s possible I think. That would be amazing if it was, thanks for calling her!

      Fingers crossed!

  4. Thank you, Katie!
    Someone of Berger Blanc will call me back today to tell me if it’s my cat, because I’m in Quebec City right now… I gave a description. The cat that’s there seems to be declawed, mine is not… But they will double-check. Thank you again so much! I’ll keep you all posted!
    (sorry for my english…)

    1. Dont’ trust the Berger Blanc!!!

      Please go and check.

      (If you want to know more… please take a look at the facebook group ”The truth about the Berger Blanc”)

  5. Hi Sophie:
    I took a drive out to the Berger Blanc this evening – I have a missing cat from the Plateau area as well – and I saw a Himalayan in their stray section that looks similar to your photograph of Milou. Of course I can’t say for sure, but I just wanted to let you know in case it might be him.
    Good luck!

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