1. A t’il un colier anti puces blanc?

    1. Non, mais il aurait pu en avoir un, car une marque est visible.

    2. Non, mais il aurait pu en avoir un.

      1. Que voulez-vous dire? C’est que j’ai trouvé un chat qui ressemble au vôtre mais il porte un collier blanc

  2. Hello

    We found a cat in Anjou he’s a male and is about 7 or 9 months old. I would love to sent you his picture. You can call me at 514-808-6869 or e-mail at: lshand[at] securenet[dot] net.

    He looks a lot like your cat.


    1. Hi Stephanie, We went to Berger Blanc and SPCA and unfortunately Honey is not there 🙁

      Thank you for your cooperation.

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