I am exhausted this morning. After running this blog for over a year now, it finally happened! Doing follow up on my listings I learned that this cat was going to have to be brought to the Berger Blanc this week, as the family keeping him were leaving on vacation. I couldn’t bear the thought of this, and time was short, so I offered to take the cat on. Now he is holed up in my workspace and I will likely spend the day there trying to get some sleep!

So, what I’m hoping is that people will be able to contribute, so this wonderful cat can pass inspection before being adopted. I’ve run this blog with no financing up until now, and therefore don’t have the funds to have him checked! The family he came from contributed food and a bit of money but not enough to cover all the costs. So I’m passing the hat, and hoping that a few dollars from a few people will add up to cover his expenses. I’ve not had a good look yet, he appears healthy and already operated, but needs to be checked for any diseases, and should be vaccinated. Of course you’ll all be updated on his progress and his outcome! Thanks!

(Note : There is a button on the sidebar that will take you to the donate page)

UPDATE – JULY 31ST : I’ve nicknamed my little charge Bean, his colour reminds me of the perfect blend of coffee beans, and he purrs like a grinder, I think fatigue was partly responsible for that decision… as he’s far too elegant for that moniker. I spent the afternoon with him, and he curled up on my lap and napped, and ate, and snuggled… and chatted a bit, but mostly snuggled.

UPDATE – AUGUST 6TH : Bean has found a new home and a more dignified name! Thanks to contributions from a few kind people that helped with his vet care (55$ donated!), and a well placed ad by another (thanks Isabelle!), Amadeus as he is now named, has found a great new home with Eve-Lyne. As well, he’ll have the company of golden retriever Mona and another kitty, Raphaël. Yesterday he received a clean bill of health and wonderful attention from Clinique Vétérinaire Plateau Mont Royal. He then had a bit of a harrowing car ride last night, and this morning I received the great news that he’d settled in quickly and had definitely found his permanent home. No more lonely days! I’m thrilled that it didn’t take too long, especially since I had already become attached to him in the short time he was with me! A big thanks to everyone who got involved!


  1. Vous pouvez toujours faire une demande à Steri-animal. Cependant, c’est assez long pour avoir un rendez-vous.

    1. NB : Le délai pour un RV dépend de la manière qu’on s’y prend. Petluck, contacte-moi si tu veux passer par Stéri-Animal.

  2. You didn’t specify where we could make a donation.

    Go to the Liesse Animal Clinic. I took a cat that I recently found (and now have adopted). It cost me 55 for a visit, 33 dollars for vaccines and then 8 dollars for a revolution treatment. Dr.Langill is very reasonable, knowledgeable and the staff is very friendly and accommodating. They also have price reduction for people with multiple animals.

    You can find all necessary information at

    1. Author

      Hi Lisa!

      Yes, it’s true it’s not clear, there is a donate button on the right side of the page, that will take you to paypal. Congrats on your new kitty, I remember him! Thanks for the tip!

      edit : slightly more with it now that I’m a bit more awake, I think you meant where as in which clinic, and I hadn’t figured out where yet, and was perhaps hoping to use my vet, but am using paypal for donations.

  3. Merci de vous occuper de ce chat! Je vous enverrai un petit montant et j’espère que d’autres en feront autant. La moindre visite chez le vét.m’a coûté minimalement 200 $ récemment. Il faudrait qu’on puisse avoir accès à des vét. dont les tarifs sont plus bas. Quelqu’un en connaît?

    1. Author

      Merci beaucoup Raymonde ! J’ai eu quelques conseils sur des vets qui offrent un peu de réduction dans les frais, pour des chats des ruelles ! Ce n’est vraiment pas facile de réagir avec ses coûts.

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