1. Hi, thanks for the info!

    We have an appt. at the vet clinic in Verdun on Wed. It’s been organized by the verdun refuge. I called the vet clinic very close to us and sent them a photo. They recall having seen the cat daily behind the clinic in the alley …so indeed I believe she’s from the same area (ville emard) as where we found her. They offered to scan her for the microchip but why stress her out twice…we’ll just follow through on wednesday with the complete consultation. In fact it was the v. emard clinic who suggested we be in contact with the refuge. As it turns out they know us from 2 other cats we adopted from them- and are willing to help out if we foster her.
    btw, I sent the info and photo to spca site within a day of taking her indoors. I do believe they’ve posted it.

    For future emails you can contact me at: mcap[at] videotron[dot] ca
    When I sent the info to petluck they posted everything for me so I never knew there was a *reply or *email option. I’m just contacting them now to ask them to change it.

    Thanks again!

    1. Author

      Hi Marla, all is explained in detail in my instructions on how to post, I’ve updated the contact to your email. thanks! 🙂

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