1. was her owner ever found?

  2. Hello

    if owners are not found please let me know since I may adopt him or find him a new home. My brother has 3 huskies we really love this breed.

    Hope someone come forward.

  3. I am only asking about the gender because if I sent you a picture of our Bailey you would swear that the dog in this picture was her.

  4. Could you tell me if this is for sure a male, my son lost his female husky and this looks a lot like Bailey.
    Bailey has been missing since March 2. She did not have her collar on and she is not micro chipped. We are not sure if she escaped at was stolen. My son came home and their back door was open. We have been searching every where with no luck.

    1. Author

      It is a male, unforunately. Where did Bailey go missing? You could send in her information to be posted.

      1. She went missing from Perth, Ontario. I know its a long shot but we are not sure if she escaped or was stolen.

        1. Author

          That’s very close to qc. You could send in her information to be posted. And if it was a case of theft, I post from anywhere nationwide!

          1. Thank you I will!

  5. I called everywhere – vets , animal control , spca …nobody is missing him 🙁

  6. call animal control in vaudreuil 514-510-1508 someone might have called there just in case he was picked up by someone or brought in . I found a dog last week I called them and The owner had called in and she contacted me and came to pick up her dog at my house it is worth a shot hope it helps

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