1. I am pretty sure this is a cat I’ve been feeding every winter since 2015. She (i’m pretty sure it’s a she) was quite small and feral. If it is her, she died sometime in the last three weeks with the polar weather. She came every night except when it was below -15 or so. She did not come back when it got warmer about two weeks ago, even though I left a can of tuna (it was -1 or -2). She did not come last night either, a “warm” night. I am certain she has died. There has been a lot of construction this summer, condos on the west side of the market and Shamrock having been completely destroyed. I was very concerned that her “home” was in the area. Actually, I am pretty sure it was where the condo west side of the market, north alley. I loved her very much and have been feeling so horrible for the past two few weeks thinking constantly that she may be dead. RIP little one, and to hell with all the horrible people who abandon their cats in July, who then reproduce and seal the next generation of cats’ fate.

  2. hi Sharon, does hi have white on is belly and is it a male?

    1. Hi
      Nancy, I think it’s best to call Sharon being its been awhile since she posted the AD.

  3. Sharron have you taken him to a veterinarian to have scanned for a microchip?

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