1. Un grand voyageur qui doit être bien heureux de retrouver sa famille.

  2. Definitely him. And yes, I thought it might be Nero when I saw his photo here but wasn’t sure and at first I missed their response on Petluck to my inquiry. They ultimately got in touch with us through the SPCA though, so all is good… very good!

  3. Oh… my…GOD!! That is unbelievable and absolutely awesome! Are they totally sure it’s him? And is it through this site that the links were made? Delightful news this morning.

  4. So, so happy he’s home! He was a wonderful guest. We were figuring he was no more than 2 years old… are we right?

    1. He is only about a year an change. Last year in october I got him and his brother and they both fit in one of my hands. Nero is good guy, little wild but people shouldn’t give up hope on their lost cats, they are very clever animals. Nero was away 4 months and still found! Everyone should contact the SPCA and petluck for help because they really do care.

      1. Author

        Thanks Jason, I’m so happy for you and Nero. From the pictures it looks like he wasn’t in too bad shape either.

  5. Have you found Nero yet? A long-haired black cat with a tiny bit of white on the chest has been camping out here in Pointe-Claire for a couple of weeks…

    1. Author

      Is your found cat intact? As Nero isn’t operated. Thanks!

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