1. I’ve also taken in cats because the SPCA has turned me away and I would avoid the Berger Blanc at all cost, plus all the shelters are constantly overwhelmed with cats that they have to turn away people trying to help cats. This city really needs a free spay/neuter programme!
    If desperate, find a friend who is served by the SPCA and have them bring the animal to the SPCA.

    1. Author

      Hi Marcy. Thanks for your input! There’s a meeting this Thursday regarding our animal control services, you might be interested! (It’s in French) http://petluck.ca/11740.

  2. I found a cat, and the problem is that the Berger Blanc is the organism in charge of lost animal in NDG-CDN area. SPCA don’t want to take the cat because it is not their district…. I went to see the Berger Blanc web site, it is so outdated. I tried to contact them by email, but it was returned as undeliverable…. I am still having the cat in my home, and I try to find the owner or a home, without success. What can I do ? I can’t keep the cat, as I already have one and I live at a friend’s that doesn’t want another cat.

    1. Author

      I know that it’s very hard to find places in the no-kill shelters, but I do have an extensive list on my links page that you can try. Otherwise advertising, and campaigning any networks you have, friends and friends of friends. It’s a challenge, I know. I’m glad you realize that Berger Blanc isn’t the solution, the cat wouldn’t have a chance there.

      For anyone reading it’s this cat! http://petluck.ca/11413

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