1. Is he still missing? Because I saw a cat just like him on Belgrave the other morning,

    1. Author

      I’ve tried to contact the owner for an update to no avail! If you find out feel free to let me know!

  2. There is a black and white cat that’s hanging around our balcony and although it seems domesticated it scoots away as soon as it sees a human. He/she waits for the opportunity to enter our house and eat our cat’s food. We are i the Cumberland/Somerled area. Did the cat have a collar? Pls let me know

    1. Author

      Hi J,

      I think it’s best to contact them by their phone number, as they don’t reply to emails. I did let them know there was a comment though… thanks!

  3. There is a posting of a found black and white cat in NDG on craigslist. Could this be Soca?

    1. Author

      Thanks Lisa! I saw that one too, and forwarded it to them last night! It’s the right area too. Fingers crossed!

      1. Author

        Just heard back from the people who found the cat, and it’s not the same one.

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