1. Chaleureux remerciements à vous, Mme Parent, pour ce que vous avez fait pour cette chatte et ses petits. Cette belle histoire fait ma journée! Bravo, vous faites la différence dans ce monde d’indifférence.

  2. The cats story has a good ending. Thank you for your help and you can take off this (annonce) . Merci

  3. Cette chatte m’a apporté ce qu’elle avait de plus précieux et m’a fait confiance, je dois lui trouver un foyer rapidement, à cause des allergies.

  4. What’s the update? Such a beautiful story – are they weaned now? Any of them still need a home?

    1. The 5 kittens found un nice home. But the poor mother (female cat) doesn’t have a home. And I won’t be able to keep her because allergy. (sorry for my english)

  5. You are a really good person. Thank you for what you have done.

    1. Please if you find somebody for the mother, we could go and bring the cat to the person. Thank you

      1. We could brint the cat to somebody who do not have a car! I will keep her one more week I think because allergy.

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