1. Tsuki has been coaxed into a family’s home! I picked him up today! He is healthy, though hungry. He is squawking alot, but purrs and cuddles with me. He lets me hold him and everything. He is upset he is locked in my office not able to get hear his best friends (the other three cats), but i want a vet to check him out before i really expose him to the rest of the cats.

    I am SOOO happy and grateful to all the advice and efforts. I am now going to prepare a reward for the family who helped me catch him. I am also going to make a new set of fliers to deliver to everyone in the neighborhood so they all know the good news. This was truly a community effort. People have helped feed him and track his route in the area. One family kept his cat carrier on their balcony where he would sleep in the day, but run if people came for him. Another family went above and beyond. I am so happy.

    Where can I send pictures? I am so excited and he let me photo him.

    1. Author

      Fantastic news Scarlet! I knew you would get him back and was just waiting for the day. Congrats, and it’s good of you to show your appreciation to the family and community that helped you. Welcome home to your lovely Tsuki!

      1. Génial! Bravo!

        1. Took him to the vet today!

          They were shocked at how well he was. He only lost about 4 lbs (17 down to 13) and was healthy otherwise. Blood tests showed negative.

          They were amazed that he had not gone feral and more amazed that he still remembered and obey verbal commands. He is such a good and lucky boy!

          With a clean bill of health, he now roams free in the house with our other three cats.

          1. Author

            Great to hear he’s healthy and back with his friends!

  2. Some news…
    I saw him again today. The family is feeding him morning and evening. They turned his car carrier around so there is just a small access in the door. He opens the door himself, goes in, closes his door and eats. then he sleep there. The family is baffled by his odd behaviour till I explained to them that this is his favorite place in the whole world, his carrier is his bed. He still zips out and runs when he hears noise, but he is staying in it longer and longer and watching people from it. They will keep feeding him till he is comfortable seeing people do so. I was worried about the rain, but they wrapped his carrier so the inside stayed dry. I visited him with my husband and we watched him a while. This time I was able to sit on the bottom stair before he ran.

    I am not sure where else he has been hiding. We put up fresh posters and in everyone’s mailboxes in the area.

    1. Good news! I hope you’ll be able to catch him

    2. Author

      You’re so close, I’m sure it won’t be too long now. Is he there late at night, when it’ s more quiet?

      1. i am not sure, but he has been there during the day. He likes the sunny spot there and eats there morning and night. He hangs out in the box and is likely sleeping there for his cat naps. I don’t know if he is sleeping there at night. He used to sleep through the night in it, but outside it is very cold. I am not sure if he has a warmer place to sleep.

        It was suggested to me by someone else to put a tranquilizer in his food so he will stay asleep in the cage so we could close the door on him before he tries to bolt out. I will speak to a vet on that before i consider it seriously, because a slow acting tranquilizer might mean he still bolts but collapses in the dog yard nearby and gets eaten by the mean dog. I don’t want to risk that.

        1. Author

          I would tend to agree with you on the tranquilizing. I thought if he could be checked on at night he might be much less stressed, with less noise and movement to frighten him. Perhaps then he could be more easy to work with.

          1. Spoke to the vet, there is not fast acting edible tranquilizer. They suggested a shot if i could get hold of him. I told them that if I could get hold of him, i would not need a tranq at all. So I am back to patiently socializing him enough to be comfortable to let someone lock him in the cat carrier.

            the secretary I spoke to did not understand nor believe me when i said i have a larger than normal cat and that a cat trap would not likely work because I measured it and he would easily be able to eat the food without ever getting close to the trap release panel. She did not seem to get that a Savannah cat is a … big… cat. He’s about 26 inches long from nose to rump (excluding his tail) and sits about 19-20 inches tall.

            the very lovely and helpful people who are helping me socialize him and capture him still call him my bobcat. He’s looking good and has even groomed himself now. He does not look so scruffy. But he is still super skittish, even at night. I will see if i can get a picture of him and spend some time there on the weekend so he can get used to seeing me.

            1. Hi Scarlet,

              Usually the trap-cages are made for racoon and other larger animals.
              I’ m following your story, fingers crossed.
              Bravo for your patience.

              1. I am trying to use the same patience I use for taming feral cats before I find them homes.

                Speaking of stray feral cats, I will try to get pictures of the two around my home and see if they have owners somewhere as heartbroken as i am about their lost kitty.

  3. Ok Scarlett, it’s normal after spending so much time outside, he became scared. Now what you should do: Ask this person to feed him regulary. You go get a trap-cage (a cage where the cat enters to eat and get trapped inside without being hurt). The SPCA can lend these cages. If the SPCA does’nt want, you can buy one (it’s around 150$ on the net from the USA) If you can’t, I may ask a friend of mine to lend you her’s.
    When you get the trap, you stop feeding him for one day (so he is hungry) and you put the trap. He might probably get in. Then you can bring him home and he’ll become more confident finding back his home. But he will have to remain an indoor cat after that!

    1. Thank you,

      I called the SPCA about borrowing a trap, they refused because I am not in their district. They advised me to call the LaSalle pound (who are on vacation till October 18th, will try their emergency number tomorrow). I was looking online at the cat traps. I am have my doubts about them working only because he is such a tall cat (being 1/2 a size larger and longer than regular cats). I am concerned that he could reach the food without ever stepping on the panel. so I am not sure I want to spend $150 on a trap, not to mention, I don’t have that much money.

      Darned right I would not let him out when I get him back. He was never meant to be outside to begin with.

      I am relieved to have seen him sunning himself and not looking beat up. He just would not let me close.

      I am putting fliers again in the local mailboxes of the area he was seen in. I did speak to the house owners and will bring them food for him tomorrow. They offered to try to catch him inside their shed. I am unsure how truly cooperative they plan to be though. If I cannot borrow a trap from the LaSalle pound or vets, may I please borrow one from you? Let me call them first though.

      Also, I have two strays around me who are eating the food i have put on my balcony for my cat. One is a young 6-8 month black cat, female I think. She had a large chunk out of her left shoulder which is new today. I will try to get a picture of her.

      1. Hi Scarlet,

        If you need to borrow a trap-cage, you can reach me at [-].

        1. We are trying with his familiar cat carrier first. The couple at the house are being real helpful after all. I left them with food and Tsuki’s favorite sleeping place (his cat carrier). They will feed him on his normal feeding schedule. This evening he came and ate the food in front of the carrier and sniffed at it. But ran the second they opened their patio door. They moved the carrier to the farther side (away from the stairs) part of the balcony and will now put food in the back of the carrier. They hope to close the door on him when he is inside before he can get turned around and run. I am praying this works. I want my baby home. If he proves too quick, I may call you for the trap in a few days.

          This is better news than I expected. I was so worried. Every time it is cold I worry. He is not a breed to develop a winter coat.


          1. It sounds to me the best way to scare him away from anycage forever. I’ve never heard of anyone capturing a scared cat this way. After this experience he will be afraid of any cage including trap-cage. This is my personal experience after rescuing many scared cats…
            But I wish you to succes!

  4. Someone saw my cat in their backyard. i went to see. It was definitely him!! But he ran away from me!

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