I’ve joined facebook in order to help enlarge the Petluck network and publicize the lost pets. The resource is there so why not use it!

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  1. I would like to mention that the best way to keep your cat safe in the city is to keep them indoors. but if you choose to let them out please keep in mind to always put a tag and collor on them you never know what happens. People may think they are strays and take them in with good intentions. As well others may just take them to give them to labs. At least people will know they belong to someone, if your cats gets lost it is so much easier to find them you have a much better chance to get them back. I have seen this first hand when last year i found a cat in montreal that had been hanging around all winter we had seen that she had a tag but we could not get close enough to her to see the number, it took a while but at some point she trusted us enough to get close enough so we could pick her up. I was quiet surprised to call up the number because it was a baconfield city number, the city called up the onwer and it was their cat their daughter had brought the cat to montreal and it had gotten out a loose window it had been lost all winter and they had tried to find her for months and thought she had died but because of the tag they were reunited the story was quiet amazing this would not have been possible without the id the time was to long and i would never have thought to look that far out.So please do this simple act, it could make all the difference.

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