1. Might this be the same one? I looked on the listings of the Spca…..didn t see the picture but it seems very likly.

    Found Dog/Chein Trouvé (Verdun)
    Date: 2010-09-14, 8:58AM EDT
    Reply to: sale-rtfyj-1953100749[at] craigslist[dot] org

    Trouvé Chien Male Blanc possiblement Bichons ou Maltais.

    Il a été trouvé le 14 Septembre 2010 a 6:45 am sur le Boul. Lasalle Entre Henri Duhamel et Gibbons. Il semble connaitre le secteur. Nous avons nous même un chien donc nous ne pouvions le garder et avons du l’amener à la SPCA au 5215 Jean Talon West (514)735-2711.

    Si vous avez de l’information sur son maitre ou vous êtes son maitre veuiller
    contacter la SPCA au (514)735-2711 ou moi même au (514)892-5217
    pour l’aider à retrouver sa maison.

    White Male dog found possibly a Bichon or short haired Maltease.

    He was found on September 14,2010 at 6:45am on Lasalle blvd. between Henri-Duhamel and Gibbons. He seems to know the area. We have a dog of our own and as a result of which we could not keep him and were forced to bring him to the SPCA at 5215 Jean Talon West (514)735-2711 .

    If you have any information as to the location of his owner or are his owner

    please call the SPCA at (514)735-2711 or myself, Philippe at (514)892-5217 to help find him home

    image 1953100749-0

    1. Author

      Hi Mary,

      Unfortunately the one found is a boy…thanks though!

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