1. Hi Loulou,
    It looks like I have just sent you request about the found cat. I saw your add in Craigslist. I can see more pictures in here and the cat looks very similar to my cat.
    I am looking for my cat for more than two months now. I found in SPCA, Internet and local adds so many similar lost tabby cats as this one.
    I do not think this cat has anything to do with Savannah Cat. It has marks on the back sort of similar to Savannah Cat marks, pretty sure it is simple house cat.
    Not sure where you live but would be interested to come and see the cat.
    Thanks for letting all us know about the cat.

  2. Hi!

    I don’t know what is a Savannah cat. But I saw adds one month ago about a cat lost in this neighbourhood, a Bengal. The cat looked similar to that one. Is it possible ? It was a female.

    1. No it’s not a Bengal. Actually someone came up to me today to tell me about her. I will keep my eyes open. Can anyone give me the info on the other cat. Send me pics.to my email. I returned a Greyhound yesterday. Flying down the street and a girl was holding him and everyone was running up to me to see if I had him. I took him back to the rightful owner who was balling her eyes out. He had gotten out during a move. Everything went well. Sergei I think you are right it is a simple house cat. He is clean though.

  3. Well it looks like my neighbours will take him in if there is no response to the lost and found postings. They have now put about 300$ in vet care. I was hoping they would wait a bit to make sure we find the owners but nothing so far and it is a shame that someone would have abandonned him or not even look. People that let out their cats with no id or collars and just wait for them to come home have a high chance of losing them. I would die if I lost my pet or if they got lost in someone’s care and someone just took them thinking I was a bad owner. I have found no ads anywhere and the one that I did find it was not their cat. Well I pray it all works out which ever way it goes. At least if there is no answer he has a home.

    1. They did put up posters this is joint effort.

  4. I am dealing with neighbours that took him in and were not even going to look for the owners. I convinced them to post and wait at least 10 days. If the owner of the cat doesn’t post or look what can I do??? It is very frustrating. Iam very strong in finding rightful owners and I wish they would look hard themselves. You can imagine how hard it is to help people who are not posting or looking.

    1. These people have turned out to be very cooperative and have done a good job in making sure the cat is safe and cared for.

  5. This is a Savannah Cat by the cat’s markings. Sadly, it is not my missing Savannah. I am sure the owners of this expensive beautiful cat miss him much. I hope he finds his way home.

    1. Do you have an ad up for your cat?

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