1. I found a cat last night that looks a lot like Ti-Lou. However, I found him at St-Urbain and Prince Arthur. I’m reaching out to you because your pic is the first cat I’ve seen on here that has the white hind paws and white tips on the front paws and similar coloration on the end of the tail and the white fur under the chin.

    Now, I know the plateau is far from Pointe aux trembles, but since the picture resembles the little guy I found I wanted to reach out.

    If you’d like to send some pics I can send you the pics I took. Mine are not too good because it was hard to catch a still photo of him because he moves around so much. Send me some more info and lets compare notes.

    1. Author

      Hi Emmanuel,

      You’re quite right to look at them all, they can show up really far from home. I don’t think it’s Ti-Lou though. Your found cat is published, so you can find it here!



    2. si vous pourriez me communiquer en francais ca serais plus simple pour moi si j’ai bien compris il se peut que ce soit lui, alors j’aimerais que ce soit lui mais ca fait longtemps appeler au 514 498 1037 merci.

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