1. Hello,
    Is your cat still missing?
    If so, maybe you would want to check an ad dated April 12, 2010 on Leuleu: http://www.leuleu.qc.ca/fr/?mn=pa
    There’s no picture, but the ad states that they found a male tabby cat last December in Mirabel. Cat is sterilized, with front paws declawed.
    Best regards,

    1. Author

      Thanks so much for the link Nour.

      I sent a link to the author of the ad on leuleu, so he can check. I do know that Chaton was never found!

      1. Bonjour,
        je suis celle qui a trouvé Pete. malheureusement, la photo ne corresond pas à Pete. Pete est tigré mais à poil court. les lignes sont plus foncées. Merci et bonne chance. Francine

        1. Author

          Bonjour Francine,

          Merci d’avoir verifier, c’est beaucoup apprecié!

  2. Hi, I don’t know if it’s because i’m too tired, but i think a cat recently abandoned in Mirabel looks like yours (hard to say cuz yours is shaved on the picture).The ad says the abandoned cat is a female, but it might be a mistake from the care taker.

    Here’s the link to the temporary ad posted as a profile picture on one of my friend’s facebook page : (link removed and picture forwarded instead !)

    1. PS : Part of my friend’s profile is public, so you shouldn’t have problem accessing it. If you’re not a facebook member, just email me at ixxiblue[at] yahoo[dot] ca

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