1. You could also try to see if the nearby medical clinic Le Plein Ciel (http://www.cliniquepleinciel.com) would allow you to post your poster in the clinic. They have a lot of people going there.

    You could check if the condo/apartment buildings next door would also allow you to post something in their building.

    Don’t give up hope. If you try in more places, you might be able to find him.

  2. Also, if you leave messages on a Facebook page as a visitor it might get missed since people looking at those pages look at the main section in the middle. Contact the Facebook page administrators to post your information so that it can be shared on their timeline that is pulled when people look at messages from the pages they like

  3. Have you contacted:
    – Local shelters
    – Veterinary clinics
    – Groomers
    – Kennels
    – Animal hospitals
    – Pet stores

    While all of these places will notify the local animal shelter when a pet is found, you need to understand that animal shelters are under different city and county jurisdictions. They are, sadly, not unified. They do not share information. A pet store taking in a stray without a tag would have no way of knowing if that dog is 2 miles or 20 miles away from home. If they contact the animal shelter near them but far from you, your pet may be going to the wrong shelter in the wrong direction.

    Many shelters are on line. They maintain lists of found pets. Some have photos of lost pets. Look over the ones in a huge circle from your home. You might even be able to send them the information about your pet to post online.

    Instructions for the SPCA: http://www.spca.com/?page_id=4951&lang=en

    If you are in a bilingual community, put your sign in both languages. The major search engines on the internet translate your text immediately and for free.

    You want to put the signs where the most people who either live, work, or regularly travel through the circle will have a chance to slow down and see them. Major intersections controlled by traffic lights, bus stops. Entry and exit to parks. Where all the school children get off the bus or are dropped off in the morning, so both parents and children can see them. Entry and exit to grocery store. The local espresso bar.

    Post your information on blogs/websites. Start with the well-known/big ones. (http://petluck.ca, https://www.facebook.com/SOS.PETS.MONTREAL, http://www.montrealdogblog.com/lost-and-found-pets, http://montreal.craigslist.ca/search/laf?lang=en&cc=us, http://www.kijiji.ca/b-perdu-disparu/ville-de-montreal/c120l1700281)



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