1. Voir sur le site du Berger blanc succursale laval dans la section errant il y a un chien qui ressemble .

  2. Ok. Will do. Might try to get some better pics in the meantime.

  3. There is a deceased dog near the tracks in NDG (Marcil corner of de Maisonneuve) with the same colouring. Much thinner as well, longer hair, but time passing might be responsible for that? Unfortunately I was not able to get close because of the fence, but I have a couple of pics I can send by email if you’d like. I realize this is nowhere near the site of the abduction or of the abductees residence, so it’s unlikely, but thought you might like to know.

    1. Author

      oh, how terrible. You can send in the information for me to post an alert too, in case someone’s looking 🙁

      Also, you can report to the SPCA so they can pick him up.

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