1. Yes, we picked her up thinking she was our missing cat, “Mystique”. We fed and cared for her for a week, until the owner came round to collect her. I put a sign up on the exact street corner that we found her so it would be easy for the owner to see it:).

  2. Que du soleil dans le coeur de cette famille avec cette retrouvaille. J’suis heureuse pour tout ce petit monde.

  3. Fantastik news!

    As you said Petluck, this little one looks like he was lost for quite some time. He looks so tired and emaciated, poor luv… It would be great to have more details about this happy ending. Hope we’ll hear some more about it. Champagne pour tout le monde! 🙂

    1. Author

      I know, he looked very sad. No details to give just yet but I’m really happy he’s home 🙂

  4. Good news 🙂 Owner and cat re-united this morning Oct 11-2010.

    1. Author

      Excellent!!! It looks like it had been lost awhile too!

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