1. I found a little guy at St-Urbain and Prince ARthur last night. He has the colouration you speak of but is not really long haired. Did your cat have white hind paws and white tips on the front paws?

  2. Bonjour,

    Mardi le 12 octobre 2010. J’ai trouvé un chat identique à cette photo. Il est présentement chez moi. Je suis rejoingnable au 514-596-1657.

    Francois ou Isabelle

  3. I hope you’ll find it soon!

    I also wanted to tell you, that before a cat is spayed, you should never let him out, he will assuredly run after female cats and loose his way.

    Maybe, he went out by accident…

    I wish you good luck and I’ll keep an eye open!

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