1. Thats my dog. Please call me I lost him on December 1st and I cant eat and cant sleep.. I been looking everywhere for him, posted flyers.. I cannot wait any longer I want him back in my arms! Please call me 514-294-7153 my name is Isabelle

  2. PLease call me thats my dog 514-294-7153 thank you for finding him. I offer reward$$$ please call me! The phone number you put on the add does not work

    1. Author

      Hi Isabelle,

      Sorry, that was the listing for Al’s Antique shop, but you’re right it’s no longer in service! This dog’s been listed since October so I have to verify his whereabouts now! I’ve left a message with the girl who sent me the information as it wasn’t Al who listed.

    2. Author

      This dog was found in October! Please send me the information on your lost dog, and I’ll post, I don’t think this is the same one, unless you adopted your dog only a few months ago…

  3. It might also be that the homeless man found him on the streets & only saw a way to make money after. Plus that he could rationalized it was okay to do that because he did get the dogs off the streets. You never know for sure.

    Looks like it might be mix with a Yorkshire. I put it up on Craigslist to spread the news. I assume posters are also being put up around where the neighborhood where the store is?? Since the homeless person is on foot…most likely found the pet around there.

  4. Also, please ONLY call him if you know this dog. He will not be sent to berger blanc or the SPCA.

  5. Aww, such a little cutie! What is it with homeless dudes stealing dogs for money, is it the newest trend? Warm thanks to Al for trying to track the legitimate family!

    1. Author

      I know, he’s such a munchkin! And yes I was wondering the same thing, strange times! I hope he’ll find his way home!

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