1. I have adopted this beautiful female kitten last Friday. The lady who found her wanted to take her to SPCA, that idea just broke my heart. I thought the adoption will be smooth. I was wrong. We have two big male cats, both have been adopted from SPCA last March. They are great friends and love each other. But when it comes to the new kitten, they would just go crazy: attacking her all the time, biting at the neck. She is very nervous, so do I. I can’t leave my house for more than half an hour. Even then I have to lock her in the garage, but the bigger and older male would bang his head against the garage door, trying to get in.
    I did manage to take her to the vet on Saturday and she received Revolution treatment, was tested for FelV/FIV(negative). My vet told, she looks very healthy, despite living on the streets.
    I need help to find a new adoptive home for her, where she would be safer than with my male cats. I put numerous posters, talked to friends and neighbors, talked to some rescue groups, so far no luck.
    If somebody is interested in adopting her, please let me know.
    Tel: 514-426-6691

    1. Author

      Hi Elena,

      I’m sorry it’s not working out. Often introductions need to be done very slowly, so are you sure it wasn’t just a bit too fast for them? Congrats on your two SPCA adoptions though.

      1. I don’t think it was fast. I think it’s because 2 adult males against one small female. Both males have a difficult past behind them. One (smaller) was taken from the streets to SPCA and he really appreciates having a real home. Another older cat was given up to SPCA by his owner because he moved to retirement home. Before settling with us he went through 2 unsuccessful adoptions. It took lots of efforts and patience on our behalf to make him fell like he is living at his permanent home. He already escaped once, we put his information on Petluck (his name is Kevin) and was found in 3 days thanks to collar with ID tag.
        So, I guess they fell threatened by any new intruder and fight to protect their home. I have to mention that they came from SPCA on the same date, so they learned from the very first moments how to share everything just between two of them.
        Thank you for understanding.

        1. Author

          I do understand, my last one came from the street and it took months for him to be okay with the others, and he still has anxiety about his place in the group, but they’re adults so it was an even match. It’s good that you tried!

          1. Still no luck in finding a new home, but things got uglier at ours. Can not keep kitty inside anymore, it seems outside my big cats tolerate her better. She is constantly crying from outside, I am afraid my neighbors would become angry. She would use any possibility to sneak inside though. And here the fun part starts:growling, screaming, ets. She is always hungry, when inside rush towards their bowls, quickly eats; soon they realize that their food is gone, and run after her. She starts to throw up, house is a mess, our family is a mess.
            Please, help us. She is a very good kitty and she can tolerate other cats; it’s my big guys who are intolerant. May be, some one is interested in adopting her and giving her a safe environment.

            1. Author

              Oh dear, that’s not good, have you tried to see if any rescues would take her at all?

              1. I called almost every shelter. All of them are full, not accepting any more cats. Called also some vet clinic, everybody refused. I keep her at night at the garage, during the day outside. She always tries to squeeze in. During the night we can hear loud meowing inside the garage, and also loud angry growling from outside (my boys). When ever she sneaks in, where is always fight for food. I wonder, if it ever going to resolve one or other way. I still feel very bad about taking her to SPCA.

                1. Do some adds for her. Post them in mailboxes, on internet. Share her story, somebody will finaly adopt her!

                  Put as much add as you can… but choose a good home, do no accept people you don’t trust.

                  I was able to get lot of strays adopted, but it’s a lot of work….
                  Good luck

                  1. I know you did a lot for her. I’m just trying to encourage you… With a little more publicity, you’ll find a place! I’ve been through this so many times, I know it’s stressfull, but don’t loose hope!
                    This is hazardous to let her out again. Could’nt she stay in the garage until you find a forever home ?

                    1. She is staying mostly in the garage. When my cats are outside, I take her in. She even slept in my bed about 2 hours today. Poor little kitty! She wants so much to have a real home. I bought her a separate bowl, because my cats are very upset when she comes near by their food, especially one of them. It’s understandable though, he was a stray, living on the streets too. Thank you for encouragement.

    2. Hi Elena,

      I work with a local rescue group and someone sent me this link to try and help you with this kitten.
      Do you know when the kitten was found and if there have there been any attempts at trying to locate the owner?
      We, unfortunately, work with foster homes and cannot provide one for this kitten. I know that I often see cats & kittens advertised by the Pierrefonds Clinic for adoption(I think it is them). Maybe they could provide this kitten with a new family. She does seem like a nice cat and it would be a shame if she got pregnant. I can place her on our site as a found cat and write that she has not been caimed and is looking for a home…we might find somebody this way. Just let me know if this can help? Good luck, Louise (CASCA)

      1. Hi Louise,
        My neighbor found her 2 weeks ago. We put posters all over our area (Kirkland-Timberlea), but nobody claimed her. She has no microchip and also she looked like she had been living on the streets for a while. I contacted my own vet, Hudson vet clinic, Pierrefonds animal hospital, several others in the are, mostly recommended by my friends. None of them agreed to take her. Since i took her to my vet, we know she is not pregnant for now. Please, place her on your site, may be we will be lucky in founding her a good permanent home.
        Thank you very much,

        1. Hi,
          I guess, I owe an update.
          After much patience and much work, kitty is doing fine. She is around 8 -9 months old now. She became full member of our family. We named her Baby, because she looks so small comparing to our two male cats. They fully accepted her and learned to love her. It’s so rewarding to see them playing all together or sharing food bowl, although each of them has her/his own. When she goes out, both of them wait impatiently until she comes back or ask to go outside to find her. She is a very happy and playful kitten.
          I am really thankful to all my neighbours (except one) for tolerating a pack of 3 cats roaming and doing their stuff around their houses.
          By the way, we got her sterilized a month ago.
          Thank you very much for your support.

          1. Author

            Thanks so much for the update! Glad to hear she’s settled in. It sounds like a happy bunch you have now. Hope you can keep the peace with your neighbours. You’re very good to have stuck it out!

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