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  2. Hi all and Bob,

    Just an update on the Phong situation…essentially that there is still no word. I spoke to somebody who said that they love to catch dogs and keep them for research testing. Anyways, my eyes are still open for my dog but I am moving to Ontario and I think that this significantly diminishes whatever small chances there were of finding him.

    Once again, thanks for your help


    1. Hi Elliot,

      Sorry to hear about that.
      You know you can still remotely look for your dog, post on the net, check all websites including SPCA and others. Plus if you have family or friends they can keep doing so too.
      I would hate seeing a beautiful dog like Phong ending up in a test lab.
      Let’s hope whoever have Phong is caring for him like a part of his family.
      Thanks Elliot for the update.
      In case, in the best scenario, he’s found, someone should know where to contact you or anyone appointed by you.

    2. Author

      HI Elliot,

      I’m so sorry that you didn’t manage to track down Phong. I’ll still leave the post up, as someone somewhere knows what happened to him. You could update your contact info when you have it, and I hope he’s at least safe. Thanks for updating us.

  3. Just saw this post on craiglist dated Jan 4th.
    It’s worth investigating:
    TROUVE HUSKY FOUND (Laurentides, Montreal)

    Date: 2011-01-04, 1:09AM EST
    Reply to: comm-ztz3r-2142647154[at] craigslist[dot] org [Errors when replying to ads?]


    Found Husky. Skinny. If you can describe your dog or have a picture it might be yours!
    Trouve Husky. Maigre. Si vous pouves descrire votre chien ou vous avez un photo…c’est peut etre ton chien disparu?

    •Location: Laurentides, Montreal
    •it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

    PostingID: 2142647154

    1. Author

      Thanks again Bob, so sorry it wasn’t a match.

  4. Any developments?

  5. Just an update:

    We tracked down the guy but the police are very slow to act, and we don’t think he actually has the dog, as he told us he sold it.

    more later…

    1. Author

      Oh damn. Do you think it’s true? Where was this guy located finally. If he has sold Phong he should be able to provide information as to who he sold him to.

    2. If it’s true what he says, he must be forced to tell who he sold it to.
      Are all the vets in the area contacted, flyers etc…?
      Almost all vets have websites/e-mails, may be it’s a good idea to look for the coordinates and e-mail them a picture of Phong.

    3. Whta’s the latest info. Was Phong found?

      1. Author

        Not yet, sadly. I don’t have any updates, since the last.

  6. yikes i keep doing this! its


    I promise!

    1. Did not find it on reverse look up, not listed. Sorry!
      I bet the police knows how to locate the address.
      Please keep updating.

      Petluck: Any advice we can give Elliot to help getting back Phong?

      1. Author

        Thanks Bob, I’m sure the number would be easy to trace.

        Elliot, don’t ever give any money without getting your dog back first, and never agree to meet them in a secluded place.

        Try and locate this guy and see what comes up, he might want more money, but he might just as easily have wanted to get the cash and have nothing, so continue your search otherwise and flood a wide area with Phong’s info, as he could be really far. I’m not familiar with the area but Phong would be hard to miss if anyone has him, so any strategic area spots should be covered where people will see the information, as well as vet’s offices and pet shops etc.

        Do you think Phong would seek out people or keep running? Would he be shy and hard to approach or friendly?

  7. *scammer’s number is in fact (deleted)

    sorry all for the misinformation and thanks for all your help and support!

  8. Hi all,

    just to let you know, I was contacted by a guy claiming that he had my dog and wanted money, actually $500. we made an appointment to meet him and he never showed. We filed a police report. His name is Michel, his telephone number is (deleted) and he lives near or around St-Sauveur or St-Jérome. Just to let you all know this stuff is out there.

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