1. Did you move out on july 1st 2011 or lately? Try posting ads close to your last apartment,I just found my cat 4 blocks away from where I live now. She was hanging out around the apartment I was living in until July 1st of 2011.
    I got attached of Manny’s little face and I really hope you will find her!


  2. Well, Manny wasn’t at Berger Blanc… when I went in they insisted she couldn’t be there because they don’t serve my area. But after some arguing they “allowed” me to look at the strays. I have to say I’m glad they don’t serve my area!

    Manny doesn’t have a white paw… just a few white hairs on her chest/stomach (which seems normal for black cats). She does have very soft fur, though.

  3. Yes you have to go we never know… I also called them and they wouldn’t even listen to me because my cat is not from the neighbourhood they serve. I sorry to say this but, what happens if she was hit by a car by someone who lives into the BB neighbourhood. The SPCA blog pictures are pretty up to date, I’m impress. I still go to SPCA every 2 days though. Does Manny have one white paw? I saw a big black cat today that chatted a lot and she had a white spot on her neck under her chin and some white on one of her paw.
    It was into the adoption section.

  4. Oh, it could be Manny! But I can’t tell if the stripe on the head is a trick of lighting or not.

    I called Berger Blanc just last week, and honestly they weren’t very helpful. They wouldn’t ‘t even consider the possibility that Manny was picked up in an adjacent area to where she went missing. Hmm… I can’t find the reference id of the cat whose picture you linked… maybe it fell off the front page? I guess I’ll have to go in this weekend.

    Thanks for keeping an eye out!

  5. Avez-vous vérifié sur le site SPCA montreal animaux errants. À tous les jours, des photos de chats sont affichés et aujourd’hui un gros chat noir s’y retrouve. On ne sait jamais. Bon courage.

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