1. Hi, I don’t understand why you decided to take this cat to the Berger Blanc! She clearly belongs to someone, she is healthy and friendly. Please, can you quickly put some ads about her in your area so that the family can reclaim her before she is killed? Nothing gives us the right to take a cat without making the effort to find the owner. Please, put some printed ads in your area. Thank you.

  2. Bizarre, j’ai vu les mêmes photos sur le site de la SPCA. En passant, Hochelaga n’est pas couvert par la SPCA mais par le Berger Blanc. Tout un problème!

    1. Author

      la Spca publie les photos de chats trouvés, même s’ils ne sont pas chez eux.

  3. indeed, Berger Blanc is known unfortunately for doing a lot of euthanasia of unclaimed cats

  4. Merci de l’avoir amener à sa mort au berger blanc… pire place pour apporter un chat, garanti d’être tuer…. Merci beaucoup!!!

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