Poodle lost in Laval-des-Rapides

dog lost in Laval des Rapides
Lost in Laval-des-Rapides, close to Cartier and Géroux.

I lost my dog today August 24, 2016 at 15h, a small friendly white poodle, she will be 9 years old on September 15th. Unfortunately she doesn’t have her tags on. The children are out and unfortunately many forget to close the door behind them :(. We lost her in Laval-des-Rapides, close to Cartier and Géroux. If anyone has found please leave me a message 😞merci thank you for helping me and share.

Contact : nancydaou[at] hotmail[dot] com


Hi, I lost my dog on August 23rd near Mentana and St Gregoire in the Plateau/Rosemont in Montreal !!!!! It’s a female, she weight about 8-10 lb. Her name is Nella. Last time we saw her was the railway tracks, on Mentana, near Laurier Park. She needs medications, heart problems, or she does not breathe well and can choke due to allergies. We are ready to give a reward. Thank you.

You can contact me at 514-616-6918


I lost my dog in St Jérôme, a brindle boxer named Zack. Please help me find him.

Contact : 6969jeep69699[at] gmail[dot] com

Chihuahua lost in Montreal-North

dog lost in Montreal-North
My name is Roxanne, I lost my dog. He jumped off the balcony in fear and ran off, he is a 4 year old Chihuahua. He is a male, not castrated, he had no medals and I lost him since August 19th around 10:00am. I live in Montreal North on Langelier near Léger. The last time we saw him was on Maurice Duplessis and Langelier and since we have not seen him, he’s not bad so maybe someone picked him up.

Plese call us 438-398-9809 Thanks for your help.

Wawa – Chihuahua

Small tricolour chihuahua, beige, white et black. She weighs 3 lb. She left the house on August 22nd 2016 in the early the evening. We are in the Courville sector of Beauport. Her name is Wawa.

Contact : 418-802-5694

Toy poodle lost in Laval West

dog lost in Laval
Toy poodle (5lbs) female, 3 years rusty brown lost in Laval West on Saturday, August 20th, sector of 19e avenue and Riviera.

Reward 500$

Contact : rachel[dot] belec[at] hotmail[dot] com


We lost our little white and caramel cocker named SASHA… near the beach in St-Gabriel de Brandon on Saturday, August 20th, 2016. He is probably anxious but not bad at all. He is more difficult with men. He was seen a few times on Monday, August 22, early morning at the Metro St-Gabriel and after the 6e rang in the first part winding towards St-Damien around 8:30. A family looking very actively. He means a lot to us. He must be hungry. You can draw him with a little food.

If you see him, call us at 450-834-7834. Thanks a lot.


Our shy and beautiful Astrid had recently been adopted, but unfortunately she had a little scare at the Camping Terrasse Rougemont, and ran away. Unfortunately, her leash was not attached on the right ring and she lost her medal.

She frightens easily, do not chase if you see her. However, she is so gourmande that she could be attracted by food. Medium sized female, white body and black head. Sightings at St-Jean Baptiste at the intersection of the 227 and chemin Benoît on Saturday, August 20th in the morning. Have you seen her?

Contact Julie 450-577-2921 or Claudine 514-895-4171.



I lost my dog Monster, pure breed husky, he’s still a baby. I would loved to find him, he’s my bb.

Contact : nonomoka997[at] outlook[dot] com


My step brother lost his dog in Ste-Sophie on Wednesday near route 158 à la hauteur at the height of 47th avenue.

  • German shepherd
  • 18 months
  • Name is Max
  • No collar

Contact Pierrot Ferland 514-710-0099.