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  1. Hi,
    Sorry to hear you lost your cat!
    Did you find your her? Did she have a chip?

    1. No, sadly we did not, and she didn’t have a chip (the day I was considering getting her one they were all out at the vet 🙁 ) Thanks for your concern.

  2. We are still looking for her! We formerly lived around St. Christophe and Ontario so it’s possible she has headed toward the centre sud area (or really anywhere in Montreal at this point!) 🙁

  3. Hi, I sent you two personal messages two days ago. I am pretty sure that I saw your cat in the alley before April 10th even if I thought that it was a male kitten. I encourage you to look for the cat actively in the alley, between Gauthier and Sherbrooke. Someone might have taken your cat in, there are no ads in that area. Good luck!

    1. thanks! (Not sure why I didn’t receive the personal messages, but thanks for sending here!)

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