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    1. Thank you!! Unfortunately not mine…. my cat has white chin and black eyebrows 🙁 I hope these little sweeties find their way back to their humans from these pics though!!

  1. Hello. I just had a cat circle around our area that resembles your cat. You may want to check around Rue Henri-Deslongchamps/Mont Royale Est/St. Joseph/Chambly across from Parc J Arthur Champagne.

    1. Hi David, thank you so much for the message! That’s very far from my home (about 5km), I’d be shocked if she went that far but I will try to get to that area to look as soon as I can….. if you happen to see her again would it be possible to try to grab a snapshot?

      1. Yes I would be more than happy to try and get a ‘snapshot’ if the opportunity arises. There’s nothing more I love to see than a reunion between lost loved ones. 🙂

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