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  1. hi my name is georgia i lost my white cat is this cat loving and has one blue eye and one brown eye pls contact 514-867-4103 or 438-931-7105 thank you

      1. It was about October 25 he is a great cat he’s a little big well very healthy is what the vet told me he will runaway from anybody even when I would see him outside he runs away from me he doesn’t go near anyone outside but I hope I find him I had him since the day he was born his mother was one of my cats I also lost him for 3 years and I saw him on the street and I got him back anyways his name is romeo he is 13years old he has 1 blue eye and one brown eye

        1. Author

          I see! This cat was found last summer, so perhaps not a match. I hope you find your Romeo. If you’re on facebook you can join the Petluck group and post there.

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