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  1. I am the author of the kijiji ad,

    I doubt it is the same cat since mine seems a lot younger even if they look alike, also he was easy to approach and quite skinny. But if you feel like adopting this one or if you would like more high res pix to make sure it isnt yours, feel free to contact me through the kijiji ad.

    1. Author

      Thanks Simon! It is very close but I don’t think it’s the same, as the markings on the face aren’t quite identical, and your cat does seem far younger. The owner had told me I could remove the ad, but i left it up, because she also expressed hope that her cat was still lost, and so I didn’t have the heart to remove it at the time. Someone had told her they thought her cat had been hit by a car, but she couldn’t confirm it.

      ps Hope someone will adopt yours though, he looks like a sweetie!

  2. Bonjour une nouvelle annonce sur kijiji dans chat a donner ( chat trouver ) semble ressembler a ce chat …no de l’annonce ( 199489876 )

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