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  1. I found one like this is Anjou, could it be him? He has a ring on one of his paws. If yours had a ring let me know – I know his year of birth. Very friendly bird, comes on shoulder and likes to be pet. I want to find his family (and the right one) because he is very nice so he must belong to someone. Found him in Anjou this Thursday. Let me know by e-mail, be ready to answer questions – gotta be specific!

    sparky3434[at] hotmail[dot] com

    You can also reach me by TEXT ONLY 514-443-6241

  2. Found in Brossard “L” Section on June 2, 2013. Seems to have been a very well cared for bird and, after a good rest and some food, has recovered nicely. We cannot keep it and would very much like to reunite it with it’s owner.
    Please call 450-443-1417 if the bird belongs to you and you can identify some of the interesting sounds it makes.

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