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  1. Hello,

    Would you please post or send me additional pictures? The cat looks like mine, which I lost in Ville Lasalle a few weeks ago when I moved in to my new house. Mine is a male grey tabby, he’s almost three years old. His name is Sultan and he looks like the cat in the pictures.

    I’d appreciate your help. Sultan is dearly missed.


    1. Author

      Hi Omar, your message has been sent. Is Sultan posted on the site?

      1. No, he’s not. It’s the first time I come across your website and this is the only cat that really looks like mine. I’ve looked at the other ads before posting.

        I’d be grateful for any help, I miss him a lot.

        1. Author

          If you send in his photo and info to petluckblog[at] gmail[dot] com, I can post him for you. And I hope you’re checking regularly at the Lasalle Veterinary Hospital. They take care of strays for LaSalle. And also check Montreal SPCA.

          *there’s also some tips on my tips and links page that might be helpful!

          1. Author

            I have tried to help you Omar, but you haven’t replied to any messages!

    2. Omar, Can you please contact me? Thank you

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