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  1. Hi Sergey
    Thanks very for the info, i’m gonna give the clinic a call today. I’ve looked at the picture of Keesha and he does look very much like Greg! I really hope you find Keesha!

  2. Hi Karine,
    I am also looking for my cat Keesha (on this website) who is almost the same as Gregory. I am in West Island. Today I received a phone call from Vet Clinic on 276 Bord du Lac (Pointe Claire) that somebody brought them a cat as mine. I went to check and it was not mine. So, maybe it’s your Gregory? I know that it is very far from your place, but who knows where these crazy animals go. Clinic’s phone is 514-694-1927. On Greg’s pics it is hard to see side stripes, but you may want to check that cat yourself. He is NOT declawed and IS sterilised (no collar though). Good luck!
    Aug. 4,2010.

    1. Author

      Hi Sergey,

      Thanks so much for that tip! I’ve passed it on to Karine. I was just speaking with my vet today about how cat’s can be found far from home, so it’s really good of you to share your information. Hope you find Keesha soon too.

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