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  1. Did you find this cat? I Saw a similar one in adoption in a pet store in boulevard Angrignon he is around that age and is male.

  2. Â la succursale du Berger Blanc à Montreal, dans les adoptions, il y a un mâle Tabby Red Longhair rasé coupe de lion et qui porte le numero de dossier 55383. N’appelez pas pour rien , sinon vous risquez de ne pas vous faire dire les vraies affaires. Il faut voir le chat en personne pour être sûr, si c’est le bon chat ou non

  3. Someone posted seeing a orange tabby hanging around Mapleridege area..name to contact is Francois 450-455-6460. I don’t know if it’s short or long hair…
    Good luck . I posted on it to check this site , that I had seen 2 posting of orange tabby

  4. Thank-you Nancy! Are you referring to Rozon in the St. Lazare area? We are at Bordelais/Muscadet. We flyered our closer neighbours with a more detailed request to look under decks etc. We fear he had been injured or traumatized and was doing exactly that. Please, please keep me posted

  5. We have seen a new fluffy orange tabby in the area of Rozon/Country.
    Seen him Nov a few times and nothing since. Seen him during the day running from house to house hiding under balconies.

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