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  1. Are you sure he is a male?

    He looks very much like my cat, lost in the last couple days of January 2015.
    I made an ad about her (name = Noréblanche). But mine is female, and she is 16 years old
    though she looks young. She is half-feral, in the sense that despite me taking care of her for many years,
    she doesn’t like if I approach or try to touch her. But she does meow a lot when she asks for food or to go out.

    Hmm… His tail seems different to mine, as mine as thick fluffly hair on the tail, but they look very similar.
    I can’t find a full body photo of mine (only face) and I can’t remember exactly the white and black spots,
    but mine had lots of whites underneath like that.

  2. Merci d’en prendre soin. Verifié pour micropuce?

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