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  1. Our beloved Smokey hasn’t made an appearance over the past year. If anyone has seen or heard amything about a sweet, beautiful, very polydactyl cat- please let me know.

  2. Thank you! We hope we have news soon, too. We’ve put up posters, spoke with shelters, the city, the spca, neighbours and gone out with food, treats and other things that smell like him, but no luck yet. I’ve seriously considered knocking on doors. If I keep at it with combing blogs, websites, and social media I will break pretty soon and bring home 50 other cats who need homes!

    On a brighter note, his brother does seem to be perking up a bit 🙂

    1. Author

      I’m glad to hear his brother is doing better. It would be a good idea to do flyers door to door, for those who might have missed your posters. And knock at the neighbours, ask them to check their sheds and basements.

  3. His brother (pictured with him above) has become very depressed and is no longer eating. He’s lost weight and it’s heartbreaking. If you’ve seen him, have been feeding him, or have taken him in, please, please contact us, we just want him home. We’re desperate to see him again, heartbroken and worried we could lose his brother too.
    Son frere est deprime et il mange plus. Nous avons peur de lui perdre aussi. Si vous avez vu notre Smokey, si vous l’avez gardé chez vous, si vous la nourrissez…nous sommes désespéré, nos coeurs son brisé et il nous manque tellement. Veuillez SVP communiquer avec nous. Nous voulons juste qu’il revient chez lui.

    1. Author

      I hope you have news soon Stephanie. Have you checked some of the tips on the tips and links page?

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