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  1. UPDATE: July 6, 2016
    Bobo is still missing. He was last seen in December on 43 rd ave. In Lachine
    We have reason to believe that he is still around that area.
    Please call 514-365-1183 with Any info..Thank you in advance.

    1. J’ai laissé un message téléphonique et plusieurs messages dans FB, mais personne ne me réponds. J’ai vu un chat qui lui ressemble beaucoup dans NDG et tout le voisinage le nourrit depuis l’automne dernier. Quelqu’un peut me contacter pour que je leur donne l’adresse où je l’ai vu ? Je pense que ça vaudrait la peine que vous alliez vérifier. J’ai de la difficulté à comprendre pourquoi je n’ai aucun feed-back…. Ça fait un mois que je tente de vous rejoindre….:(

      1. salut désolé je viens de recevoir ce message maintenant . J’ai déjà vu des photos du cette chat
        mais malheureusement, il est pas lui. Merci Beaucoup.

  2. sorry, retracting last comment. it is him in picture sent to me so yes, last seen on Sir George Simpson and 51st Avenue

  3. we saw the cat that was seen on 51st avenue. looks like Bobo but it’s not him. we are back to Square One, he can be anywhere. again lost near 43rd Avenue

  4. Update October 23rd. he is near/around Sir George Simpson street. Near a Church. The most reported sightings are between 49ave. And 53rd ave. between Sir George Simpson and Sherbrooke in Lachine. If you live near those areas, please be on the lookout for Bobo. He’s all black with green eyes. Thank you.

  5. Bobo is still missing. we have been searching since Saturday. We received phone calls and emails saying he may have been spotted on so many different avenues but we are aiming towards between 38th avenue and 55th Avenue. If you know anyone who lives in Lachine, on these avenues, please let them know. If they can maybe put out food and call him by name. If we have any luck he will show up somewhere to eat and we can trap him and bring him back to Lasalle where he belongs. thank you again to everyone who has helped and shared

  6. Thank you Pamela. We were searching for close to three hours last Night. We will search this area. Yes, please let me know if anyone may see him again. He must be scared. Thank you.

  7. I have a friend who lives on 45th ave in Lachine She saw a Black cat that fit your description of BoBo Monday this week. He was running around on 54th and Sir George Simpson. she went out again today to see if she could spot him but know luck so far. Will keep you posted.

    1. Thank you Pamela. we searched for 3 hours last night and no sign. Any chance if you spot him to call him by name Bobo and put food, maybe he will come to you? desperate to find the little guy

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