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  1. A vérifier sur kijiji no. 274485705.C’est un furet a vendre qui a été trouvé il y a 6mois près de l’endroit où Ricota a été perdu.

    1. Author

      Malheureusement, le furet est à Laval, mais a été trouvé à Montréal-nord. Dommage, mais merci quand même!

  2. Have you tried calling the SPCA? Did Ricola have a colar on at the time of his disappearance? Where did you last see him? You can try posting flyers with his picture around your neighborhoud. If you still have not yet found him, you can call me-Lana-at 438-873-0107. I know some people who work at the SPCA who may be able to tell me if they have seen your ferret.
    Take Care, Lana:O)

    1. Author

      Hi Lana,

      Just to let you know I passed your message. Little Ricola is still missing, I don’t think he had a collar on.

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